Britain's Debt Crisis
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Britain's Debt Crisis - a practical guide to the new bankruptcy laws
by Tom Slator

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The new bankruptcy laws introduced by the Enterprise Act 2002, which reduced the duration of bankruptcy to one year, came into force on 1 April 2004. Since then, the number of bankruptcies has been soaring. Many bankruptcies are due to loans and credit card debts, which have also reached record levels in the UK. This book casts a spotlight on the economic and social forces, which explain why this is happening.

It also provides an expert and practical guide for anyone who wants to reduce their debts. It unravels the knots in the previously mysterious and murky world of bankruptcy. It explains in the clear and concise terms:

- how to work out what your share of your house is worth
- what not to do if the bailiffs pay a visit
- how to find the best way to deal with too much debt
- how to make yourself bankrupt
- how to avoid the pitfalls if you become bankrupt
- how to avoid committing a bankruptcy offence
- how to be discharged from bankruptcy as soon as possible

The insolvency profession has also welcomed the book:
"I found the book enjoyable and educational in equal measure. I thought the section on the equity of exoneration particularly good - it represents as concise an explanation as I have seen".
Desmond Flynn, Insolvency Service Inspector, General and Agency Chief Executive

Tom Slator is a chartered accountant and licensed insolvency practitioner and has run his own firm for the last 20 years. He holds a degree in engineering and economics from Cambridge University.

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